Sunday, July 10, 2011

Marble Cheesecake with Berries

Marble Cheesecake with Berries


Icing Sugar - about half cup

Half cup of warm milk with dissolved gelatin

Fat Cream ( whipping cream ) - not less than 35% fat
about 500 grams

Cream cheese -such as ricotta or mascarpone 
about 650 grams 
(I used Russian types - light and low-fat)

Vanilla -and mix of berries puree

Coarsely crushed biscuits
amount enough to make thin layer

Finally, a cheesecake mold

how to cook...

 In a bowl put the cream cheese, icing sugar and vanilla
whisk on low speed 
and then add milk with dissolved gelatin

Get the whipping cream ready

Then add it to the cheese mixture and whisk on medium speed
Take a small portion of the mixture and put it in a separate bowl

Add to it about 3 or 4 tablespoons of the berries puree and stir randomly

Now bring the crushed biscuits and mix it with some milk and butter then put at the bottom of the mold
(i used only milk as i didn't want it to be fat)

Pour over the biscuit the cream cheese mixture

Then the mixture with the berries

In order to make marble shape
Bring wooden (grill) stick and put it inside the berries puree then move it randomly on the surface of cream

You can put it to refrigerator for several hours before serving or just put it to freezer for one hour

Here after one hour in the freezer

Leave it plain or serve with berries

with strawberry puree 

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