Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Box of Gems and jewels - Salad

The Box of Gems and jewels
Salad with white cheese and bread


For the box we need...

One loaf of brown bread (brown bread healthier and better than white bread).

White cheese.

For salad - Use any type of green salad you prefer

Carrot - Cucumber

Tomato -Red bell pepper

Juice of half lemon - Apple vinegar - Salt

To decorate - use your imagination

Use things that look like gems or jewels

Carrots - Peas Bell pepper

Cucumber - Grape - Cherry tomatoes - Dill - Parsley

how to cook...

Mix the ingredients of the salad with the vinegar, lemon and salt

how to make the box...

Simply follow the method shown below

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Anonymous said...

masha'Allah!!! I am very impressed with your cooking!! Keep up the great work!

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