Friday, June 10, 2011

Pickled Tomatoes

Pickled Tomatoes


10 Tomatoes 
(You can follow the same way to pickle cucumber - so delicious)

 Large chilly red pepper

14 medium sized cloves of garlic

Large chilly green pepper

Tablespoon chili powder

Salt - black pepper

One medium sized onion - cut in halves

Lemon juice mixed with a ( half coffee cup size ) of white vinegar

Some parsley

how to cook...

Prepare the mixture

In a food chopper machine add garlic, half the onion, halves of red and green chili (peppers - leave a little bit of red peppers aside )

chop them then add chilly powder, salt, black pepper, vinegar and lemon and mix

Cut the parsley and add to the mixture...

mixture is ready

Cut the onion and the rest of the red peppers into strips

Wash tomatoes and cut into slices

Bring a deep dish and put the following in the order shown below 

Little of the mixture

Slices of tomato

Slices of onion and red peppers and above them a little of the mixture

And so on

You can add some cucumbers and greens for more nice looking 

serve it cold

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