Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunflower & Ladybug - Spicy Fried Eggplants

Sunflower & Ladybug
Spicy Fried Eggplants



Half of large lemon - or one small lemon

8 Cloves garlic

Red chili pepper 


Fresh cumin seeds 

Half (coffee cup) white vinegar diluted with some water

Mortar & pestle (or chopping machine

Potatoes for decoration

how to cook...

Cut the eggplants into equal slices

Place it in a dish and sprinkle salt over to allow water to get out of eggplants

For the preparation of sauce

In the mortar start grinding the cumin seeds

Add salt and chili red pepper and continue..

Cut the garlic and add it

Mix well..


Add vinegar and lemon juice & Mix well 

Sauce is ready

Fry eggplants without removing the skin
each time fry some eggplants add from the sauce over 

After frying the whole amount...


for that we need..

Fried eggplants with the sauce add over ( the one we just prepared )
Fried potatoes chips
Two tablespoons yogurt
Some of black olives
One Cherry tomatoes
Some grated yellow cheese

how to garnish

Simply follow the methods shown below

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Veranica Amellia said...

* MOUTH WATERING * love your blog .... making me hungry ;) ....
i love all of your foods ... very yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;)

Madam Yussif said...

thank uuuuuuu...i'm so happy yo hear that :))))

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