Friday, June 10, 2011

Lady Bug - Cherry tomatoes salad

Cherry tomatoes salad


Grated cucumber- minced parsley - minced dill

Olive oil - a teaspoon apple vinegar - salt 
Sumac - some minced garlic

Lettuce - Tomato Cherry

Cream cheese

Mayonnaise, for decoration

how to cook...

Bring tomatoes, Cut off the head as in the picture

Empty the core (I added the core to the cheese mixture)

Make a small cut with the knife in the tomato's cover, without reaching the end

Bring cheese and mix it with olive oil, one tablespoon apple vinegar, salt, sumac and some minced garlic

Add cucumber, parsley and dill

Mix well 

Bring the serving plate
Put lettuce leaves and tomatoes 
and start filling each tomato

After finishing, put heads of tomatoes back again  

make drops with mayonnaise to have the look of ladybug's wings 

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