Friday, June 3, 2011

Puff pastry tart with minced meat, spinach and cheese

The Garden of Mushrooms 
Puff pastry tart with minced meat, spinach and cheese


Puff pastry dough round shape (or any other form )

Cherry tomatoes - mushrooms - dill

Onions - garlic - minced meat

Yellow cheese grated - about 200 grams

Frozen Spinach

how to cook...

Prepare the meat

Sauté onions to light brown and then add garlic

And spices (dried coriander, a little bit of Arabian spices mixture - salt - black pepper)

And meat

After few minutes add spinach

And leave to simmer

Now Prepare the dough and add half the amount of the cheese

Then the mixture of meat with spinach

Put to oven - temperature of 200C - down shelf then upper shelf


Add the rest of the grated cheese on the surface

And Dill

 Fry mushrooms in a piece of butter,
cut cherry tomatoes and add them on surface

Serve it hot


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