Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fried chicken layers with yogurt

Fried chicken layers with yogurt


4 large pieces of chicken chest fillet

2 onions and 5 large garlic cloves

Carrot - with a little bit of corn - peas - dill - parsley for garnish

4 packs a low-fat yogurt - ketchup (optional)

Spices (salt - black pepper - a little bit of chilly)  only

suitable oven-tray medium-size

how to cook...

In kitchen machine (for cutting and chopping), such as Brown .. Put chicken parts after cutting to small pieces with onions, garlic and spices

Chop them well

Then add one cup of yogurt and mix 

Prepare the oven-tray - put a little bit of olive oil and unfold the layer of the chicken paste, and add a little bit of olive oil again on top

Cook it in preheated oven to the temperature of 220-230 top shelf .. Grill mode

And bake for several minutes until brown

And so on, in order to implement the amount of chicken ... then my add between each layer and another some amount of yogurt and then cover it all with yogurt   garnish with vegetables...and serve it warm


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