Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Salmon Pie with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes

Salmon Pie with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes


Minced onion
Sweet red pepper

Mushrooms (fresh ones) cut into small pieces

Salmon Fillet cut into small pieces

Cherry tomatoes - Nigella sativa (black seeds )


(black pepper - milled coriander - Curry - Thyme - chilly red pepper powder)

Tbsp sugar (must)

Puff pastry dough ( the one without yeast )two parts

how to cook...

Sauté onions in sunflower oil
Then add tablespoon of sugar and mix until caramelized

Add peppers and mix until tender

Add mushrooms and mix until tender and water-free

Then add salmon and spices and leave it until cooked

Let the mixture to cool slightly and Prepare the dough

Unfold the first part and place in baking tray

Add the mix

Prepare the second part of dough and put it on the top
Wipe the face with a little of yogurt 
Then put the cherry tomatoes, full without cutting it in halves
And sprinkle the surface with black seeds
(Note - the second part of the dough should be slightly larger to let you freely insert   tomatoes on the surface)

Put to oven, middle shelf on a temperature of 200C

And serve it hot.

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