Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Puff pastry tart with potato and smoked fish

Puff pastry tart with potato and smoked fish


Puff pasty dough - circular shape
Smoked fish (can be replaced with chicken)
A small amount of green onion
A small amount of red bell pepper
Grated cheese

Lemon juice
Salt - Curry (or latency + chilly pepper)
Cherry tomatoes

Mashed potatoes

Bell pepper (I used pastry cutter to make a heart-shape)

how to cook...

Mix all of these (green onion, red bell peppers, smoked fish, potatoes,
 and half the quantity of cheese )

Add spices and lemon

And Mix 

Now prepare the dough and make sure
 it's the same size as the oven-pan you're going to use

Put the dough in oven-pan and gently make some holes with the help of fork
(So ​​as not to inflate the dough in the oven )

Put it to oven - higher shelf - on a temperature of 180 for several minutes 
Only to become half-cooked

like that

Put potato mixture now and put to oven again for several minutes until the dough is fully cooked ( ready )

After being cooked
 cover the surface with the rest of the grated cheese

and put to oven again for several minutes 
Until cheese melts

Leave to cool a bit

And start decorating

Final look

serve hot


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