Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tajikistan Plov - rice with lamb meat ^ simple ^ fast ^ tasty

Tajikistan Plov - rice with lamb meat ^ simple ^ fast ^ tasty 


3 big onions cut into cubes
Large carrot cut into strips wide

2 zucchini cut into large cubes

Lamb meat cut into small cubes
Full head of garlic cut to large pieces

Long grain rice 


Tablespoon of fresh cumin 
A full tablespoon of Berberis
Teaspoon curry
Teaspoon chilly powder
A little bit of dry coriander
Salt - Pepper
 Cloves cardamom

how to cook...

On high fire ... Put pressure pan and some amount of olive oil then add onions

After the onions turn yellow add carrots and mix

5 minutes later add meat and garlic and keep stirring from time to time

Once the meat begins to be cooked, add spices

Keep stirring for 10 - 15 minutes  ..

Put the squash over the meat, wash the rice and add it 

Add water
considering the type of rice

Put the cover and leave to simmer

After being cooked....stir and serve...

 Can be served with salads


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