Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pancake cakes with smoked fish and caviar

Pancake (cakes) with smoked fish and caviar

The first cake


Layers of Pancake

Slices of smoked fish (or salty)

Small caviar - mayonnaise - Tuna paste

Two types of cheese (with garlic and the choice)

Vegetable variety



Chopped cucumber skin - yellow bell pepper

Red bell pepper - tomato for decoration

Orange pepper - cucumber for decoration

Sliced ​​tomatoes

Grated cheese


how to cook...

Bring a suitable dish

Put the first layer of pancake and layer of cheese

Then another layer of pancake - tuna paste

Another layer of pancake - cheese with a few pieces of cucumber

And so on, layer after layer


and so on...

After putting all the ingredients put a layer of mayonnaise

And cover all sides .. mayonnaise can be replaced with yogurt or white soft cheese

Start decorating in the way you like..

Then serve cold


Second cake

Used almost the same ingredients but the replaced some ingredients such as black olives - cherry tomatoes - Salmon Caviar


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